TrekkingTrekking in Kashmir combines nature and the local culture. You come through fruit orchards, paddy fields and alpine     meadows carpeted with wild flowers. You meet the simple villagers of the plains and in higher regions migrant families  of Gujjars, the herdsmen who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle.

Trekking-Tours will be organized for groups up to 10 people. Experienced guides will lead the groups and look after the wellbeing of each participant. A cook will spoil you with indian and kashmiri dishes.   Overnight-stays on the treks are mostly in tents, occasionally in hotels, guesthouses or home-stays. For camping we provide 2-person-tents and sleeping mats. You bring your own sleeping bags. Horses will carry the baggage, exept your day-backpack.


Trekking Packages

Day 1 and Day 2 will be the same for all packages.

We will pick you up from the airport or bus terminal in Srinagar, bring you to a hotel or a houseboat. Then we will show you some of the attractions of Srinagar, like the Moghul Gardens. After the trek you will have more possibilities for sightseeing and shopping in Srinagar – accordingly to your time available and your wishes.

If desired, we can also organize a cultural programme for you.

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Srinagar – Gulmarg

6 days

Day 3-5: Gulmarg: Ningel Nallah, a pleasant walk of 8 km. Khilanmarg, 5 km. Alpathar Lake is a frozen lake. You go there on a pony track. It is one oft he most scenic points.

Day6: Back to Srinagar

Srinagar – Sonamarg

Day 3: Sonamarg

Day 4: Thajiwas Glacier, a pleasant one-day-excursion


Dootpathri – Tosh-Mandan

Day 3: Dootpatri

Day 4- : Dootpatri – Tosh-Mandan

Srinagar – Yousmarg – Gulmarg

Days 3-8: Srinagar – Yousmarg – Dootpathri – Tosh-Madan – Gulmarg

Kashmir Lake Trek

Follows the traditional route of t he nomadic shepherds (Gujjars) of Kashmir

Difficult (7 days of trekking)!

Day 1: Airport, hotel, mughal garden

Day 2-3: Sonamarg, walking for acclimatization

Day 4: Sonamarg – Nichinni 13 km. Trail leads tot he meadows of Shok Dharan with panoramic views of Zozila and So nmarg

Day 5: Nichinni – Kishansar 13 km. Traial climbs to Nichinni Bar at 4.000m, uninterrupted views tot he Baltoro Glacier in the region of K2. Lush meadows covered with wildflowers, Kishansar lake, excellent trout fishing

Day 6: Kishansar – Gadsar. To the Vishensar lake through open marsh land to a pass at 4.300m. magnificant view of Nanga Parbat on clear days. Overnight stay in the town of Gadsar, encampment oft he Gujjars.

Day 7: Gadsar – Megandob. Crossing over a permanent snow bridge, trail winds a tough climb along the Satsaran ridge, down through open pastures tot he village of Jowdor. Only permanent settlement in this area. Villagers depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Musk deer and Kashmir stage. From Jowdor steep climb to Megandob.

Day 8: Megandob – Gangabal. Lakes of Gangabal and Nudhkhol. The pass at 5.755m offers a spectacular view of Mt. Harmukh.

Day 8: Gangabal – Naranag. Trails descends deeply from Nundhkhol to Naranag through dense forests. 9 th century temple at Naranag

Day 9: easy walk to Wanyat, by bus to Kangan and to Srinagar

Day 10: relaxing day, shopping

Pahalgam – Kohlahoi Glacier – Pahalgam

moderate, 5-6 days

overnight-stays in campsites, ponies will be hired for carrying

Day 1: Pahalgam – Aru 11 km, trail follows the Lidder River tot he open meadows of Aru

Day 2: Aru – Lidderwat, it is a short walk through thick pine forests to the meadows where local shepherds are grazing.

Day 3: Lidderwat – Satlanjan 4km, the trail follows the westbank oft he Lidder tot he largest nomadic village oft he Gujjars.

Day 4: Satlanjan – Kolahoi – Liddewat 14 km, you can go to the glacier and view Kolahoi, or you have the choice to ascend the ridge opposite Kolahoi or climbing to Dodsar.

Day 5: You return to Pahalgam, different possibilites.

If the trekker has an additional 2 days he can also be guided to the Tarsar and Marsar Lakes in the Upper Dachigam Areas.


Amarnath Yatra

5 days, moderate

Overnights in campsites, packponies will carry the baggage. Hotels and guesthouses are available at Sonamarg and Pahalgam.

This trek is undertaken by more than 30.00 pilgrims every year and has been a continuing tradition fort he last 300 years. Usually it is done in the full mood of Sawan, the most auspicious time to visit the holy ice lingam at the Amarnath Cave. The trail might then be crowded by singing and chanting devotees. In the scond half of june the trail will be more quiet.

Day 1: Pahalgam – Chandanwari, 13 km

Day 2: Chandanwari – Sheshnag, 13 km, you can ascend to the exquisite glacial lake at Sheshnag.

Day 3: Sheshnag – Panchtarni, 11 km, the trail climbs steeply tot o the Mahgunas pass at 4.580 m, then descends to Panchtarni, crossing the Sheshnag stream over several points.

Day 4-5: Panchtarni – Amarnath – Baltal, 21 km, now you will cross a snowbridge and follow the Amravati stream to Amarnath Cave. Then you return to Baltal, near sonamarg.



Revelation of 19 th century Kashmiri culture

moderate, 6 days

Day 1: Kishtwar – Palmer

Day 2: Ikhala – Sirshi, the trail passes through heavily forested gorges tot he confluence oft he Kibar and Kiar Nullahs.

Day 3: Sirshi – Hanzal, trail passes through rich farmland, you have a spectacular view oft he Brahma Peak, the irrigated area gives way to thickly forested gorges that lead tot he village of Hanzal.

Day 4: Hanzal – Yourdu, beyond Hanzal the forests are replaced by orchards of walnut and apples.

Day 5: Yourdu – Inshine, the trail runs belong the banks of Warwan river. Inshine is a majar village with store and bank

Day 6: Inshine – Lehinvan, a steep climb tot he Margan pass with a breathtaking view tot he warwan valley and the Nun Kun peaks. Easy descend to Lehinvan, from where buses take you to Anantnag and Srinagar.

Shikarafahrt to Manasbal lake