Travel information


How to come to Kashmir

By Air:
National flights to Srinagar via New Delhi and Mumbai.

International flights into Delhi and Mumbai from major cities worlwide.

By Rail:
A number of regular and special holiday trains are operated between Srinagar and the rest of India via Jammu.

By road:
Jammu to Srinagar or Leh to Srinagar. In winter the roads over the high passes are closed.



Foreigners need a valid Indian visa before they enter India.

Visa can be applied at the Indian Embassy of your home-country. Details for the online visa application:



Wer provide transfer from and to the Airport/bus terminal.



We recommand to effect a health/accident insurance. In case of accident or disease medical treatment without any insurance could be expensive.



Please consult your doctor. Beeing vaccinated against hepatitis is always advisable.


Climate in Kashmir

Kashmir has 4 distinct seasons.

Spring lasts from March to May. In this time a million blossoms carpet the ground. Temperature can be pleasant at 23° C or chilly and windy at 6 °C. There also might be brief rains.

Summer extends from May until the end of August. In higher altitudes it is pleasantly mild, night temperatures might drop slightly. Srinagar experiences temperatures between 25 – 35°C. At this time the whole valley is a mosaic of varying shades of green – rice fields, meadows, trees.

Kashmir´s loveliest season perhaps is autumn, when towards September green turns to gold and then to russet and red. Highest day temperatures in September are still 23°C, while night temperatures in november might drop to 0°C.

From December to March is winter time. In Srinagar you can watch the snow covered landscapes from beside the warmth of a fire. In higher altitudes temperatures go down to below 0°C. Houses are mostly heated with „bukharis“, a typical kashmiri stove. Between December and February there might be heavy snowfalls.

In May/June snow will be melted, so that the roads over the high passes to Ladakh and from Manali to Keylong will be opened again.


Safety in Kashmir

When you intend to travel to Kashmir you might be concerned about the political situation. The Kashmir-conflict between India and Pakistan on one side and between India and Kashmir/Pakistan and Kashmir on the other side caused decades of violence. Since 2010 it has become more stable. There are still a lot of indian soldiers in Kashmir, at the airport, in Srinagar city and near the borders to Pakistan and China. It might be frightening a bit, but it should not keep you away from Kashmir. The land is worth to be visited. Tourism, which has become less after the 1970s is growing again and that is very important for Kashmir. Unemployment can be decreased, that means more prosperity and contentment for the people

Tourists have very seldom been involved into violent tumults. At all places I have been I did not feel any threat by Kashmiri people. But you should take care/heed the counsel that you do not travel alone as a car stopper or go for camping in remote areas.

Some international departments for foreign affairs still publish travel advisory for Kashmir, but it gets cancelled more and more.